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Thus Prasna Marga succinctly tells us exactly what a Yoga is.

Foundational Yogas are those planetary configurations that set us up to strong or weak foundation. Those Foundational Yogas which yoke us to a strong foundation help us to grow into happier, more successful people who are able to make the most of our opportunities and abilities.


Those Foundational Yogas which yoke us to a weak foundation temp us to greater decay, lesser happiness and squandering our abilities and the opportunities that life gives us. Foundational Yogas are not Dasa dependent, which means, they are not used for timing the good and bad periods in life. Favorable Foundational Yogas make all the good stuff in our charts better and the bad stuff less malignant.

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Difficult Foundational Yogas make all the good stuff in our charts less and the bad stuff more significant. These Yogas are all very, very important and must be learned by every astrologer who wishes to know where their client is at in this lifetime. In my opinion, an astrologer who does not know these Foundational Yogas has no business reading horoscopes as they will simply not be able to see into the heart of the person. Nabhasa Yogas are of the greatest importance. In addition to the Foundation Yogas there are also some important Yogas that are used for timing events with the Dasas, but which also reveal many foundational strengths and focuses.

These are very important Yogas, such the Yoga Karakas principles of auspicious and inauspicious house lords. These Yogas are amongst the most important Yogas to learn as they will be present in every horoscope.

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Next in importance are the Named Yogas. There are approximately such Yogas. These Yogas are important and signaled out by their special names due to their having a twofold effect in the horoscope: They have a character building foundational effect as do the Foundational Yogas, though to a lesser degree of importance; and they are Dasa dependent, which is to say, they are used for predicting future events.

These Yogas particularly indicate periods of success, wealth and upliftment. Recommended Posts.

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Guest guest. Report post. Posted April 21, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Dear List Members, there is an extinsive article, with examples, on Nabhasa yogas, for those you are interested, at my site at www. There are 32 Nabhasa Yogas, which have a total of 1, varieties. These 32 yogas are of four types: 1. Sankhya Yogas- those yogas which give effects due to the number of rasis the planets are placed in.

Asraya Yogas- having to do with the rasi type the planets rest in; whether moveable, fixed or dual. Dala Yogas- dala is a small shoot, leaf, or petal, as it unfolds. These yogas are formed by either benefics or malefics being in the angles. What unfolds in life is therefore either greatly benefic of greatly malefic.

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Akriti Yogas- those yogas which have the form or shape of some object which symbolizes the effects of the yoga. Now 7 planets in 3 rasis is soola yoga. One born in Soola Yoga is always prompt and ready to fight a battle and to engage in debate and discussion. A great warrior, with a callous heart, one is devoid of wealth and is a thorn in their society.

One will be sharp, indolent, tortuous, harsh, cruel, full of rage, and indignant.

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Bold, brave, famous and successful through war, one has scars received in fights. One is eager to acquire money, but remains without any wealth. He will become a prohibited person, though intelligent, and having many means of livelihood.

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He will be very sick, earn by purchases and sales, will have two wives, but no child. The result is the native will be a good agriculturist,has good lande properties,wealth and helps others.

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