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Astrology and palmistry share the same mythology. Those same Greek and Roman gods are still alive and well inside and outside of us.

Hands contain both physical and celestial DNA. Planetary symbols are alchemical keys to unlocking knowledge and wisdom. They symbolize the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious aspects of our individual psyches.

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Jupiter and Saturn are considered social planets. Saturn middle and hopefully always longest finger is the balance wheel of the hand. A healthy Saturn provides a solid foundation of structure, purpose, and wisdom. An unhealthy Saturn extremely long, knotty, crooked middle finger with grilled lines underneath is one example symbolizes perfectionism, frustration, moodiness, and depression.

The native needs to become more structured, disciplined, focused, and work harder as a remedy for their negative qualities. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transpersonal planets. As they orbit our sun very slowly and change zodiacal signs, they form exact geometric astronomical relationships with personal planets, each other, and various celestial bodies and zodiacal points in the cosmos that mirror our shifting paradigms and transformation from the status quo.

Outer planets symbolize mass psychology and reveal powerful changes in the collective unconscious. They disclose generational influences that affect individuals in personal ways depending on their placement and relationships with personal planets in a natal horoscope. Many modern palmistry books tell you that the outer planets can be located and interpreted directly in the hands.

Outer planetary influence can be seen as reflected in the collective qualities in hands. Highly sexual, secretive, controlling, and obsessive folks have strong Pluto.

The Astrologer-Shaman by Monica Cromhout

My plan is to share the outer planetary generational changes as I examine individual signs and hands. I have Scorpio rising. Jupiter in Scorpio in my first house is a singleton in the bottom hemisphere of my horoscope.

Saturn and Pluto closely straddle my Leo midheaven. I am, but not in the ways I behave. Sometimes clients are very different than I expected from examining their horoscope. I expect them to float through the door. Join noted numerologist Sandy Smith for insights Part 2 of an interview with Ntombe Thongo.

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Mindfulness is a buzz word these days but its a necessary step to spiritual growth. Learn how to develop it and how to use it to break habits and addictions in this The mind is one of the most important tools in developing your spiritual life, but its also the greatest obstacles. In this episode I discuss the trap of the ego and An overview of the year ahead for each of the 12 signs. Here's a 5 minute recap of what I said in earlier shows this year about the political shenanigans of March.

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Author and publisher Melinda Ferguson interviews Rod about life, astrology, his new book, and hair. Alex Trenoweth is a high school teacher and a professional astrologer who helps parents and students use astrology to find and pursue their full potential. In this The political scene is heating up here and in the USA and you have your own life to live. Get some advance news on what to expect all round in tonight's month All the political shenanigans in the DA can't dim what looks like a great June for everyone.

Watch to find out what's in store for you.

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