Weekly horoscope capricorn 6 january 2020

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Pluto ends its retrograde this week.

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Sagittarius April

Answers App. Dragon Luck Prediction by Month Luck Prediction by Month Hi, Marius, you are born with Chinese zodiac Dragon sign. It seems that your overall fortune will change into a better stage next year.

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You need to try the best to keep the positive attitude towards life. Then the good fortune will find you. Thanks for the reply, but if things go as they are now I will not survive until next year.

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I decided I didn't need that kind of life. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. In astrology, Uranus is known for breaking barriers, which often has adverse consequences. In the first part the year, until the big event that will take place in their home, the zodiac signs will face new challenges at work, their superiors will ask more from them and, of course, financially, these efforts will be rewarded accordingly.

On January 1, Uranus will be retrograde in Aries. This event brings along a number of major changes, but also a series of emotional or even health problems. On August 12 Uranus stations in Taurus : another vision regarding money, debt, desire to adapt, financial surprises. The last time when Uranus was in Aries, in the period — , humankind faced events and made discoveries that changed the course of history, some of which are similar to what happens in the present times:.

Your Weekly Overview:

Neptune is in Pisces from , where it will remain until January 1, and it will be retrograde in the period: June 21 — November 27, Neptune encourages our desire to dream, to be ambitious in creating beautiful things, meant to enrich our souls. Every time Neptune enters a retrograde motion, we have the opportunity to obtain understanding and clarity in indecipherable matters.

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  • Once Neptune resumes its direct trajectory in November, those who choose to live consciously the experience of Neptune retrograde, will gain a better and clearer perspective of the point where they are in their lives. And from this point, hopefully, we will be ready to take the right necessary measures and be able to build our path in this direction.

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    This year, Pluto turns retrograde between April 24 and October 3. Pluto, the slowest and heaviest planet of the solar system it takes years to cross the zodiacal circle , is comfortably settled in Capricorn for 12 years. Pluto governs the Scorpio, therefore it is a strong catalyzer for profound transformations, hidden resources, huge ambitions, power, regeneration, reconstruction, death and rebirth. Although the characteristics and effects that it might manifest can be guessed, Pluto is the most recently discovered planet , and its nature is still too little known and analyzed.

    Capricorn is the sign of organization, restrictions, social ascension, resistance to harsh conditions, economy, ambitions, consistency and solid and authentic values.

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    Throughout , political leaders, governments, and economic systems will change, but only where power has been abusively obtained or it has no solid foundation, or where there are considerable ideological fissures. In other words, Pluto destroys everything that lacks quality, authenticity, with no chances to withstand the test of time. Instead, it builds something durable, on entire different bases than before.

    Everything that gets to be modified during these years will be hard to break down afterwards.