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Get periodic updates featuring great gift ideas, new products, Splurge news, and more! Free Invitations Print At Home! Click to view and download. The answer is none. I made half a batch of my absolute favorite sugar cookie recipe. I strongly suggest heading over and reading this post about the sugar cookies before making this double layer Birthday Cake!

I then drew the number 3 on a piece of paper approx. With the leftover dough, I like to roll it into a log and then freeze it.

When you need a quick treat, just take out of the freezer and thaw for a bit, then slice, bake and serve. Let the cookies cool completely before moving them. Even after they have cooled completely, move with care!

Birthday Celebration Cookie Arrangement |

I piped the frosting on, making large dots all over the bottom cookie. I topped with the other sugar cookie and then repeated the piping process. The larger the better! I used a Wilton 8B.

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I topped the cake with large and small gumballs, gummy bears, starbursts and nerds. The possibilities are really endless though! Can this be made the day before the party, or only on the same day?

It could definitely be made the day before!! I actually did that, too! Just cover it lightly with plastic wrap to keep everything nice and soft. Do you leave it in the fridge or have it in room temperature?

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Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Your gonna mix that right into your cookie dough. And sprinkles. Annnnd the chopped cookies. Patience has never been my thing! Cake Batter Brownie Snack Cake. Ooh this is genius! Now I kinda want to try birthday cake Oreo-inception cookies! See, in my house… the Oreos would have never made it into the cookies.

You have such strength and willpower, Shelly! On that watch! Little Buddy just discovered these Birthday Cake Oreo cookies a couple of weeks ago — but girl you knocked it out of the park with this cookie creation!!!

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They look huge, and sinful, and absolutely perfect! These look crazy good!! I think we need to kick it up a notch with these cookies. They look SO good. Like, the perfect texture. Tried it out. Way too much sugar, kids found it too rich. That shocked the hell out of me.

Birthday cake with cookies - Birthday cake in number shapes

These look absolutely amazing! Birthday cake ranks high up on my favourite flavours list!

The Final CAKEdown! Easy Cutting Hacks to Make Number Cakes - Easy Cake Decorating Ideas by So Yummy

Love these! I had a keyboard in the 5th grade. I would pull the bench that went with my vanity up to it and taught myself Hey Jude. I just perfected my own cake batter chocolate chip cookies and now you go and up the ante with these! I mean, birthday cake oreo cookies in the cookie? How can I compete with that? These cookies are so fun! Shelly, they are amazing looking! I have never had or even seen the cake batter oreos, but now I need them in my life and these cookies!

I swear you make some of the best cookies around! I have been trying to find ways to use cake mix instead of flour in recipes lately, I love this! Undercooked cookies are the best. Ohhh, love the watch! These look so perfect and soft and chewy. I always under bake my cookies too. Birthday cake oreos?! These cookies look straight up perfect!