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Virgo Aug Sept 23 - Major planetary influences in your life signifies it's time top make changes, mainly where work is concerned. Relationships, business and personal, during this time, may go through a major transition as your communication may be blocked with your ruler in retrograde. Though it is up to you to hold the reins. This is where you draw the line. Also be aware of money matters that need your immediate attention. Though as cautious as you are, you may become too distracted Libra Sept Oct 23 - Now that so much activity is taking place in your own sign, it's up to you to go with the flow.

Keep long term goals and perspectives well at hand, the knowledge that you gain during this month will allow you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Specifically speaking, you are actually in a great period of your life right now; getting yourself back in the groove. Moreover be aware of financial disruptions with Mercury in retrograde.

Think before you indulge. Scorpio Oct Nov 22 - It's all about letting go of matters that have held you back, and hopefully allowing yourself to move forward. This is about clarity on every level. Get yourself situated then you should be in fine form and ready to meet any of the challenges ahead. Also, your area of friendships may go through a turning point. You may find yourself feeling a bit more obligated than usual, as the demands from others could cause you to retreat back into your head.

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As Mercury the planet of chat moves retrograde in your own sign, you may be in question about your own motives. Sagittarius Nov Dec 21 - This is actually a great period in your life as the planets favor you, specifically Jupiter, your ruler transiting in your own sign, brings gain and opportunity your way. Both personal and work related matters may be overwhelming, though the end result is favorable.. This is your time to actually take the bull by the horns and move ahead on your own journey.

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It's all about you! Also, your love life may shift a bit, as your tolerance level balances. Letting go of the past is part of the challenge with Mercury retrograding your inner thoughts. Capricorn Dec Jan 20 - A mixture of challenging yet interesting aspects are transiting your natal Sun, providing you with the wherewithal to make changes you should make. Specifically speaking, your monies may undergo a shift as you find yourself pulling from different resources.

Your relationships may feel a bit unsettled causing you to question yourself as Mercury triggers friendships. By the end of this month you will feel as though this has passed. Ruled by Saturn the planet of structure, you would do well to stay on your path of enlightenment.

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Aquarius Jan Feb 19 - Pay special attention to your own instincts, focus on what really matters, specifically where the heart is. This can and will be a prosperous month for you as long as you want the talk. A strong yet fruitful stage in your life is about to begin, after Jan , between March and July specifically.

It will lead you into the path where you need to be. This week with Mercury at the zenith part of your chart, work may feel like a tug-pull, so balance it out by staying on your path. Pisces Feb March 20 - For many of you, this is a much need time for introspection, however, the influence of the planets in transit may have you twirling in so many different directions as Mercury targets your area of higher thought..

This period will definitely force you out of your cocoon. Use this time to work on your creativity, focus on taking a better look at yourself and your partnerships. Use this time to your advantage. Get ready for more tricks then treats as Mercury the planet of chat, moves retrograde in the intense, Pluto-ruled Scorpio on Halloween Day. Things get spookier and more confusing adding to the allure of mysticism as Mercury in Scorpio is all about secrets.

Adding to this cosmic shift will be Venus also in Scorpio, at the end of her transit creating a magnitude of sensuality and heat.

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So be aware, as well as careful as your words may be leading away from logic. Get ready for more tricks then treats as Mercury the planet of chat, moves retrograde in the intense, Pluto-ruled Scorpio on Halloween Day. The Fall Season brings with it a passing of time, as the world and all of nature, in its ultimate glory, brings forth a sense of reality and truth.

As the trees shed their leaves, and the sweet smell of wonder permeates around us, and the cosmos continues on its yearly course, we are indeed reminded that change is imminent within each and every one of us. The Fall Season brings with it a passing of time, as the world and all of nature, in its ultimate glory, Thoughts may be passionate, the expression of love somewhat intense, more mystical, and the need for complete comprehension will exist.

Our desire for more awareness from our partners will play itself out as the retrograde may intensify the mercurial fire within us all.

Higher expectations perhaps, as we continue to seek deeper into our own needs simultaneously. During this Mercury retrograde, starting October 31, as we dig deep inside our gut, as thoughts become or more secretive. Aries - A love relationship reaches new depths of understanding, though your cooperation is a must. Avoid mixed messages and Signals. Also you may begin to reexamine money matters.


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Time to get back on track personally as well as financially. Taurus -. Your responsibilities might interfere with your social life this week, however it is up to you to take a stand and work on setting limits.. Also your territorial nature takes hold this week where partners are concerned, so work on letting some things slide.

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  4. Gemini - Work continues to be in the spotlight for you this, however responsibilities on the home front are likely to conflict with so it is up to you to make sure there is a level of ease in both areas. Coast for the next few weeks or so. Cancer - Much of what you say always leads others to follow your rules, however this week may be a bit difficult where words are concerned.

    You may feel a bit shut off. This week highlights matters of the heart, so be extra careful when dealing with those you love.


    With your ruler in retrograde, your words as well as delivery will def count. Leo- Domestic and family matters continue to take center stage for you this week. At first glance, November may not seem to be as productive as most, but in fact you are building your nest, gathering your resources, and preparing for busier months ahead. Virgo -A busy week involving plenty of errand-running, tending to paperwork, and attending appointments is in store for you, though with your ruler in retrograde, your words as well as delivery will count.

    Libra - Some unexpected elements on the job can leave your head spinning at times, but keeping your cool is necessary. A generally friendly, positive attitude this week helps you to do just that. The last few days of November begin to simmer things down. Scorpio - Career offers come now, and money owed to you could also arrive, particularly in the last week of the month. You begin to realize some of your dreams of creating an ideal home environment in November, as you seem to have a handle on your daily activities.

    Though with Mercury in retrograde you may begin to question yourself. Stay on the right path and coast and know that good things will happen. Sagittarius - November is an especially strong month for you in terms of career and family matters. Its also excellent for entertaining or just hanging out.

    The first few weeks of the month could involve some sacrifices and rethinking of your plans. However, its a time of gathering your resources for the weeks ahead. Capricorn - Expansion, confidence, and hopefulness are keywords for November.

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    You are feeling good about yourself and confident about your future. November is likely to be memorable for love and romance, though confusing to say the least. Conflicting financial matters or questions of ownership begin to resolve within the next few weeks.. Aquarius- Business and public affairs continue to play a big role in your life in November, but the pressures and over-activity in these areas you encountered last month begin to dissipate.

    As a result, you're more likely to enjoy your increased exposure and recognition on a professional level. Increased responsibilities continue to be an issue in your life, but you feel more in control. Pisces- Your sense of adventure runs high this week , and you are itching for a change of pace.