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Feb 9, , IST. Saturn in your second house indicates that you shall be anxious over your financial responsibilities and obligations all through your life. As far as developing your material resources are concerned, you shall always find life very tough. You will find long delays in your investments bearing fruits. You will have to learn to be patient to see any results coming through. Financial setbacks and delays are much expected and therefore you must learn to endure them.

Shani (Saturn)

Your hard work shall go underpaid, but you will have a keen sense for quality and enduring values in life. With Saturn in the retrograde position, you shall feel very much hesitant to change. You will be attached to old values and you will find happiness only when you learn that humans are more valuable than money and possessions. Read Post a comment.

The Mighty Saturn – How important is it astrologically?

Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Saturn is Chronos for the Greek people. But, Westerners say that the planet Saturn is son of planet Uranus, and father of planet Jupiter. Hindu people also call Saturn a Lame, because for some reasons Ravana had cut down the leg of Saturn. And so, Saturn is very slow for its planetary movements.

Saturn is strong, slow and a cold planet. It passes through all zodiac signs slowly than other planet. It is said to be the Chief Governor for longevity. Saturn governs zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. It always stays unfriendly with planet Moon. People born under the influence of Saturn do not enjoy hot meals.

108 Names of Shani

They always relish frozen food items. This planet is very powerful either as a malefic or as a benefic. Being a Malefic planet, it can cause delays, difficulties and can create disharmony and disputes in life. People with malefic Saturn will always be unhappy experiencing negative effects of this planet.

Ill-posited or weak Saturn in ones chart indicates laziness, fear or some phobia. It also denotes all matters kept hidden or in secret.

Why Saturn ( Shani) is most powerful planet in Indian Astrology ?

Further, Benefic Saturn makes a person true, trustworthy and an honest. A Saturnian never likes others point of views and he prefers seclusion. It is also believed, if Saturn is favorable or well-posited in ones horoscope the color Blue Saphire is very lucky for him. In the similar way, Saturn forming good connections with other planets in ones birth-chart indicates beneficial results and influences life in a positive way, but on the other hand, if it forms the adverse aspects with other planets, it spreads ill- influence in ones life.

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Astrologers believe Saturn as a planet is very secretive ; it does many things without the knowledge of others. It follows its own principles. People born with Saturn as ruling planet or born under zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius or born on Saturdays can be successful in their professional life if they choose occupations related to ores, mines, hair, wool and metals. But many professions are predicted by exploring the ill or well planetary position of Saturn with other planets.

Different Convictions about Planet Saturn

For example: if Sun and Saturn forms favorable aspects in ones chart, the person will achieve success settling down in Government departments like Local Board, Panchayat board or etc. Last but not least, there are many misconceptions about the planet Saturn , especially in Hindu society, that this planet is unfavourable for people, as it gives a long planetary period which causes delays and disputes. But, it is not this way always.

Planet Saturn also gives extraordinary positive results if it occupies favorable-position in ones chart.

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Consult now. Remember Me. Sign In. Saturn-In Universe Planet Saturn is the 7th planet in the solar system.

Exalted Saturn (उच्च का शनि) - Vedic Astrology - Hindi

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