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You always want to know 'Why'. But that's not necessary in this case. You don't need to put a lot of work in this love. It'll flow effortlessly.

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It just is. There's not much more to say about it. When it comes in you'll feel it and there will be a deeper understanding between both of you.

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No doubts, no fear. Just Love. Tarotscope for the month of September Scorpio - Schorpioen What is it that you're seeking? Do you feel like your losing direction?

You're worrying, contemplating. Making up all kinda scenarios in your head. You are focused on work and money, but not in a beneficial kinda way. You need to start looking at money in a different way. Understand that it can serve you and not the other way around. You are to attached to material things at the moment.

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And this is not you. But it has a lot to do with the circumstances you're in right now. This is a lesson.

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The universe wants you to find your higher calling and to detach from things that are not of use to you. Tarotscope for the month of September Libra - Weegschaal You have magic, you are magic, you need to show your magic. It is all within you. No one can help you explore it but you. Everything you have inside of you; all your talents, gifts and powers are rising. It's almost like a new chapter in your life is unfolding.

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Slowly but surely it's coming. You are re-awakening. Soon It'll all make sense. Don't rush it. You want it so bad, but it's already here. It's just taking it's time. Look at your journey like a morning sunrise. As a matter of fact, try to catch the rising sun ever so often and you'll have a better understanding of your journey.

Don't forget with everything else you have going on for yourself to follow your heart and I see this as being work related. It's of the essence to have an income; but is this really the work you want to do? The work your soul needs to do? Don't forget about the promise you made to yourself. Tarotscope for the month September Virgo - Maagd You're fighting for what is yours. You are very dedicated and that's great. Not everything is logical. Put some meaning into it also.

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Let your spirit take over once in a while and see where that'll lead you. You're maybe in a space romantically where you don't want to express too much of yourself already. You don't want to rush into something that's uncertain. Don't try to start silly arguments or fights just because you're scared and you want to push this person away. There's no need for drama. You are safe. Tarotscope for the month of September Leo - Leeuw Why aren't you expressing yourself? There's nothing wrong with being vulnerable. It is okay to show people that part of you. You are definitely not in a bad place, but there are a couple of things that are keeping you worried or more in your head than usual.

You are fully committed within your relationship. You started this, because you needed something solid in your life.

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  7. Something where you could feel grounded and express yourself the way you are. This went well for a long time. But now it seems you feel betrayed in some kinda way. You are both overthinking everything and it leaves you with the question, whether you want to continue this relationship or call it quits. There's still the possibility of making this relationship work, but you need to find a way of bringing your different character traits together. But are you willing to do this?

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    Your other half, your mirror, the ying to your yang. You cannot deny this connection and oh you did try. But you know this goes way deeper than what's on the surface. This person will seem so different from you at first, but yet you are the same. Todos en todos, es un tema espiritual bonito con simbolismo rico. Usted puede aprender hacia fuera todo sobre el zodiaco y los planetas, las estrellas y los asteroides importantes.

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    Otras consideraciones, tales como cardinalidad, de el cual hay la ayuda fijada, mutable y cardinal 3 dividen el zodiaco en las 12 signos. Es algo relacionado con el tipo de personalidad, de el cual hay 16 o el enneagram, de los cuales hay 9. Las casas de la carta de una persona representan las doce signos del zodiaco y las posiciones de cuerpos importantes en la Sistema Solar se trazan.

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