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The objective of equipping farmers with factual information on thelatest technology to make them globally competitive and help themincrease their per capita income.

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Agrowon has achieved a whoppingreadership in print as well as on the web platform. The brandpopularity is growing with huge response from farmers. We lookforward to growing with the mobile app medium. It is the authoritativemedium pertaining to all aspects of Agriculture.

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New trends, betterpractices and application of futuristic technologies are presentedlucidly. The coverage includes core farming as well as Agro basedactivities like dairy, poultry, fisheries. YIN is a platform for the youth that aims to foster theirknowledge, information, understanding of their rights andresponsibilities and roles in a participative process so as to turnthem into important pillars of the society.

This would lead totheir inclusion in future Programmes and actions targeted at theirgroup. Why this initiative? We realized at the recent launch of YINthat the youth have tremendous energy. The youth are focused ontheir careers and goals and also on creating social change. YINmembers have already begun connecting with each other on socialmedia. This initiative aims to provide a platform for the youth toarticulate and implement their ideas on the groundNature of theinitiativeThe youth could suggest ideas which could make theirimmediate surroundings a better place.

These ideas could includehaving clean toilets in colleges, assisting the traffic police,conducting energy audits and so on. The youth suggesting the ideasmust also implement them on the ground. SEVEN of the mostimplementable ideas will be selected.

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These ideas will be presentedto the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister, leaders of variouspolitical parties, entrepreneurs and representatives of NGOs. Theseleaders will be encouraged to suggest action programmes for theyouth. This action plan will be related to the process of changes inthe country.

From October 15th, Sakal Media Group will organise aprogramme highlighting these ideas. The Sakal Media Group will be transforming Ideas for youthand provide a forum to convert these ideas into reality. Anyinnovative idea which is implementable is welcome. Accordingly, wateremerged as the key area of concern and we have begun work on thesame in right earnest. If YIN members utilize the Sakal Media Groupforum for social initiatives, the society will support you too anda strong network will emerge out of this.

Participation of YINmembers will enable them to enhance their career paths, gainconfidence and acquire new skills and benefit society. MethodYINprovides students a unique opportunity of exposure and experientiallearning by participating in live projects and programmes that havedirect outcomes in the transformation of their communities at thestate, national and international levels. This is achieved throughthe mechanism of YIN Forums. Forum MechanismYIN Forum is a group ofaround 15 college students that come together and participate invarious projects and programmes to achieve community leveloutcomes.

The forum mechanism allows the students to meet in aformal environment where ideas are encouraged, consensus is reachedand stakeholders are identified for each project. The concept ofForums has been adapted from the concept of YPO, which has helpeddiverse groups of CEOs from across the world to achievesuccess. Working through YIN forums, members get access toopportunities and pathways for personal, professional and societalgrowth. Sarkarnama 1. website review

Sarkarnama helps readers to understand contemporary politicalscenarios through its quality content, in-depth analysis and hugepool of experts spread across Maharashtra. The website has strongengagement with the users through social media platforms as well.

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Sarkarnama has become the first choice of political leaders rangingfrom Member of Parliament to Grampanchayat member in short-term, toknow more about political developments. Sarkarnama has become themost authentic political news source for the digital media users. Sarkarnama believes that political leadership should besociety-oriented and leaders should listen to the pulse of societyand not only the voter-base.

Something that's only yours. Refresh and Rejuvenate!! Enjoy the Mirroring!! Open up. Feel free!! Appreciate ourself! We are unique in our own special way. So let's enjoy this time for our own self. We deserve this!!! Mumbai, Maharashtra. Pune, Maharashtra. Tanishka magazine.. Thank you sakal for the coverage.. Pune Smart City.

Stay tuned Mumbai! Horoscope of the week Jun 18 — Jun Monsoon arrives in Pune. This included cadets from the Army, 34 cadets Video Gallery. Fire Paan to cool you down! Goods and Services Tax. Two weeks into a new life, the 21 beagles given Nagpur - Three minor girls have allegedly been kidnapped within the jurisdiction of Sonegaon police station in Nagpur yesterday.

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Police said today that a year-old Gen Y wants more customer-friendly banking PMC to be the first local body in the country to With this, PMC has become the Nation LS proceedings disrupted over Bihar, some other New Delhi : Proceedings of the Lok Sabha were disrupted today as some Opposition parties created uproar over the political developments in Bihar and some other issues Nitish has joined hands with communal forces for Nitish stumps his friends and foes alike. Oil prices fall 3 percent on signs market still GST will help in lowering inflation, propelling Addressing the Smartphone traffic growing fastest in India.

Bengaluru : Volume in smartphone traffic is growing in India across all industry sectors, but the growth was fastest in Retail with Sakal Initiatives. How do you like your tea.